"Silver Hats" and "Purple Hats" are new terms, coined by GRECTECH, that identifies individuals in special demographics that are learning and sharing information about cybersecurity. Silver Hats are those over the age of 60  and Purple Hats are those in the legal profession. In essence, these individuals learn cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats and learn how to prevent these threats.  Besides the learning phase, these individuals share with others their cybersecurity knowledge.  By sharing their knowledge with others, whether with generations either above or below them (older and younger), or with others in the legal profession they help to prevent the "bad actors" otherwise known as "black hats" from using invasive (and evasive) techniques to steal personal information from computers.  Look to this page for videos and links to educational resources.  If you have children that you feel need to know more about the cybersecurity threats, GRECTECH is also a certified volunteer for the "safe and secure online" program sponsored by ISC2 (www.safeandsecureonline.org).

If you check the GRECTECH channel on YouTube (www.youtube.com), there are some tips and tricks that you can use to keep your information secure for both Silver and Purple Hats.  You can share this with others as you see fit.


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